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UG Computing is proud to say that we will pay for your promoting

Have you ever wanted to make a little extra cash. Yeah, so have we, so we are offering you the chance to promote for us.


Just send us an email at with the title "I want to help you". Then UG will send you a .doc file of our flier with a serial number that is addressed to you and you alone. All you have to do is print them out and pass them out to friends and family.

All your friends have to do is use UG Computing and our services, then you will be raking  in the bucks.

(UG Computing only pays out a maximum of five USD per referral)

This month's special:

 1# - Get paid Five USD For referring your friends and family to us.

2# - Mention the phrase "Who gone done it" and get five dollars off your first purchase.

UG Computing * PO Box 255 * Elburn * IL * US * 60119 * (630)780-6146